Configuring and running FIA

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FIA can be configured in two ways, depending on how you want to call the program:

Calling FIA from the command line

To run FIA in stand-alone mode from the command prompt, you must supply data files and a configuration file.

Setting up data files

Setting up a configuration file

Configuration settings

Running FIA from Windows

Runng FIA from Linux

Calling FIA from code

To call FIA from code, the information required is almost exactly the same as for stand-alone mode. The main differences are

  • data must be supplied as in-memory arrays rather than CSV files;
  • configuration settings are carried out in code, rather than by assinging values in a configuration file.

Assigning configuration settings in Python

Configuration settings are assigned using the following functions:


For instance, suppose we need to instruct FIA to use STB for sovereign curve decomposition.

In a configuration file, we would include the line

SovereighnCurveDecomposition= STB

From Python, we use the following statement:


Let's describe what is going on here in detail.