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Date format strings

FIA can parse a wide range of date formats. Date formats are constructed by appending a number of format specifiers, corresponding to the day, month and year fields of the supplied date, together with the field delimiters.

Formats correspond to those used by the C strptime function. The following formats are allowable:

Format Example Sample
%d Day of month (1-31) 15
%m Month number (1-12) 2
%b Month in abbreviated or full form February, Feb
%y The year without century data (0-99). When a century is not otherwise specified, values in the range 69-99 refer to years in the twentieth century (1969-1999); values in the range 00-68 refer to years in the twenty-first century (2000-2068) 45
%Y The year, including century 2015

Date format strings are constructed by aggregating the above format strings with the date delimiter. For instance, if your dates are in the dd-mm-yy format, set the format string to %d-%m-%y, using a hyphen as the delimiter.

The following table lists some example date format strings.

Date Format
15/05/2013 %d/%m/%Y
15/05/13 %d/%m/%y
05/15/2013 %m/%d/%Y
05-15-2013 %m-%d-%Y
05152003 %m%d%Y
20031505 %Y%m%d
15-May-13 %d-%b-%y
15-May-2013 %d-%b-%Y

Initially, all date formats have the default value %Y-%m-%d. This can be overridden as follows:

FIA allows you to specify a date format to be used for all files, a specific date format for each file, or any combination of the two. Formats are applied using the following schema:

  • Any formats supplied in SecurityDateFormat, PortfolioDateFormat, YieldCurveDateFormat, FXDateFormat are applied first to the corresponding files;
  • Next, format DateFormat is applied to any files that have not had a custom format applied;
  • If DateFormat has not been supplied, the default format is applied to any remaining files.
Example Setting Result
Example 1 No date format strings set All dates from all files will be read using the default format string %Y-%m-%d
Example 2 DateFormat is set to DEMO_STRING

No other format strings set

All dates in all files will be read and parsed using DEMO_STRING
Example 3 DateFormat is set to DEMO_STRING1, SecurityDateFormat is set to DEMO_STRING2. All dates in the security file will be read and parsed using DEMO_STRING2

All dates in other files will be read and parsed using DEMO_STRING1

Example 4 DateFormat is not set

SecurityDateFormat is set to DEMO_STRING1

All dates in the security file will be read and parsed using DEMO_STRING1

All other dates will be read and parsed according to the default format string %Y-%m-%d